Architectural Trends Firm Needs To Watch Put For 2018

Now that 2018 is just around the corner, a lot of industries are scramming to prepare for what the coming year will be offering, including the architectural and design industry. This industry is gearing up on making and design structures that will satisfy their clients and captivate people:

Whether you are working with architectural consultants in Abu Dhabi or looking into having a property build or renovating one, here are some trends that you might be interested in:

  • Open spaces is still the rage

Open-plan space became a trend in 2016, with business culture and perspective shifting from isolation to collaboration. A lot of business owners find this type of working space quite advantageous for their business growth. Open office spaces allow smooth flow of communication amongst employees and foster productivity, teamwork and office camaraderie.

In 2018, business places are not the only ones that will be converting their workplace into an open-plan space. Next year, residential space will follow suit. There are some architects and designers who started designing homes to mitigate segregation and promote family bonding.


  • Home-sharing spaces

Another trend that architects foresee next year is sharing spaces and multiple master bedrooms for residential spaces. This trend was started by landlords of business centers who are looking to lessen their rate of vacancy. They open their spaces to business owners and starting entrepreneurs who are in need of a space to run their business without the need to buy their own business space or rent the whole space. Hence, the rise of shared offices.

In the coming year, architects and designers are looking to address the needs of individuals and small families who want to provide a roof for themselves or their loved ones. This kind of structure will save occupants some money from renting a whole space. There are some countries who are already practicing this kind of living arrangement. What the architects are thinking is to make the space comfortable and functional for multiple occupants.


  • Smart structure

Integrating electronics in living spaces has been a rising trend in design and architecture, and you will probably see more of this in 2018. But the difference is, devices installed in homes and other structures would be less visible and mobile so as not to get into the way of function and livability. Architects and engineers would be working with tech giants on this kind of structures.

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