Dental Care Tips For Expectant and Breastfeeding Moms

For new moms, taking care of their newborn child is their top priority. Making sure that their needs are met is what they do 24/7. So much that these moms forget to take good care of themselves, including their dental health.

It is important for moms to give their priority to dental health. Not doing so may lead to serious dental issues and can affect their baby care routine. The best orthodontist in Dubai compiled a list of tips and pointers to help new moms cope with their dental hygiene.

  • Make an appointment with your dentist

As mentioned, most expectant and new moms are too focused on preparing for their little one’s arrival that they tend to forget themselves. But this should not be the case. Be sure that you still honor your dental appointments before and after you give birth. This will help your dentist track your dental health and prescribe treatment to keep your pearly whites clean and healthy. Try to squeeze in your dental appointment in between pre-natal checkup and post-natal doctor visits. You can ask your dentist for some tips while you are on it.

  • Consider the alternatives

If your dentist finds some dental issues that would be needing a major surgery, ask him/her for options. You need to consider your condition, especially if you are pregnant or just given birth. At these stages, your body is still preparing for childbirth or recovering from a grueling delivery of your little one. Ask him/her for less invasive treatment for tooth damage like veneers. You can also ask for his/her recommended veneers Dubai price and treatment range so you can prepare for it.

  • Up your calcium intake

This is important, especially for breastfeeding moms. Since you are providing nutrition for your baby, you should ensure that you are getting enough for yourself, especially in the calcium department. Dealing with dental issues during this stage can be difficult as you are not allowed to take medications unless it is declared safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding. Making sure that your calcium intake enough for you and your baby is one of way of taking care of your teeth.

  • Keep hydrated

Studies indicated that new moms and expectant mothers are at risk of gum diseases due to hormonal changes in their bodies. Keeping yourself hydrated can help keep your gums and teeth clean and free from bacteria and prevent the onset of dental diseases.