Luxury travel in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the city of greatness. IT is fast becoming one of the biggest tourist hotspots in the world and it is going to grow by leaps and bound for the foreseeable future. One thing that most people find mesmerizing about the city is that it has an atmosphere that makes you want to stay in the city forever. If you have arrived in the city and money is no problem, here are some tips on how you will be able to travel the city in style.

Never travel in cheap car

The first thing that you should do is to make sure that you are not traveling through the city in a beat-up old sedan. Here you will be in luck as most people who travel the city use one of the various car rentals that are available in the city. Now, any car rental in Abu Dhabi will be able to provide you with a car and it will not be a bad car per se, but for a truly luxurious tour, you will need to get the best of the best and for this, you will have to ask around. The first thing to do is to ask your tour company, or your secretaries to call the car rentals and make sure that their cars are the latest models, and that they have the exact cars that you require. For example, if you want to travel through the city in a BMW, then you should make sure that the rental company has the latest model in the BMW, or else you should look elsewhere.

Call ahead of time

The second thing to make sure is that your staff is going to call the company ahead of time. Usually delays that occur at the airport etc. are of no more than 60-70 minutes, so you should make sure that that car has been told to arrive about 50 minutes to an hour before you are going to clear customs, so that even if there are delays in traffic, you are picked up on time.

Make sure the rental company is briefed on premium items

Last but not least you should make sure that the car rental company has been briefed that the car should have all the premium items that you require. Many rental companies will forget the exact luxury items that gentlemen require, so it is always wise to have your staff phone ahead and confirm is all the items have been included. For example, if you require cool water in the car, there should be cool water available in the mini bar, and not cold water is frozen into ice. These small things can be quite irksome after a long flight, so make sure that your staff has called ahead to get more info and made sure that they have been taken care of.